The commander declares forty days of mourning grieving over the great late Said Akl, expressing faithfulness and love

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Commander Etienne Sakr "Abu Arz" issued on 29 November 2014, the following:

With regard to our forced absence from Lebanon and inability to participate effectively in the funeral of the great late Said Akl, the teacher, friend, brother, comrade and spiritual father of our struggle and its godfather and the founder of its ideology basis.
The Guardians of the Cedars party - Movement of Lebanese Nationalism considers itself in a state of mourning for forty days, as a symbolic gesture, grieving over this tragic national loss, and expressing inexhaustible faithfulness and endless love.
O Great teacher, Lebanon will miss you and miss your gorgeous appearance and thunderous voice in the face of enemies and attackers, and how many are they...
But you will stay residing in our mind forever, and in the conscience of Lebanese Nationalism a beacon that never dies
Lebanon, at your service
Abu Arz