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Call of today from the commander

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    Today people went out into the street, refusing impoverishment and starvation policy pursued by the government against them by imposing new taxes to finance the ranks and salaries chain, while it is capable of several chains funding if it stopped the looting and growling, and engaged itself in fighting corruption that went deeply into the roots of the state, and imposed cumulative taxes on the sharp capitalism and great capitalists, instead of bullying the poor and the underprivileged, and the rest of the middle class.
    We call on the state to accelerate in response to the demands of the people because the revolution of the hungry when it's launched it will be merciless, and because the wrath of the people is next to God's wrath.

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Guardians of the Cedars - Movement of Lebanese Nationalism Booklet

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The Black Page

Crimes and Massacres commited by the Palestinians & the Syrians against the Lebanese People
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The Black Page is prepared by Claude Hajjar as a permanent graphical record of atrocities committed by The Palestinians/Syrians against the Lebanese people.



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