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Call of today from the commander

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    Russia Today Agency published a report that shows the percentage of celibacy in the "Arab World", where Lebanon headed again, note "again", the Arab countries with a percentage of 85%.
    This extremely serious social problem on the future of Lebanon and its being, has many reasons, including:
    The continued migration of Lebanese youth + The increases in the unemployment rate from 30 percent to 40 + Increased cost of living + Increases in the prices of apartments and real estate rent and sale + Decreases in the per capita income ratio of employees and workers.
    No need to remind that the first step to resolve these chronic problems begin by destroying the ruling idols.

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Crimes and Massacres commited by the Palestinians & the Syrians against the Lebanese People
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The Black Page is prepared by Claude Hajjar as a permanent graphical record of atrocities committed by The Palestinians/Syrians against the Lebanese people.



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