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Call of today from the commander

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    The active people's movement today in the streets of Beirut under various titles, is able to attract all people, and to achieve all the goals, if it goes according to the following plan:
    1- Unite the goals and positions
    2- Maintain the peaceful demonstrations
    3- Stay above religious sects and political parties
    4- Scheduling demands, according to the priorities and progressively preventing the country from falling into the void
    5- Continue the protests until the end and without pause or retreat.
    Noting that this political Dragon does not fall but only in knockout.

Ideology & Principles & Political Program

Guardians of the Cedars - Movement of Lebanese Nationalism Booklet

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The Black Page

Crimes and Massacres commited by the Palestinians & the Syrians against the Lebanese People
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The Black Page is prepared by Claude Hajjar as a permanent graphical record of atrocities committed by The Palestinians/Syrians against the Lebanese people.



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