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Call of today from the commander

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    Well done, President Trump, for preventing Assad from killing his people with chemical weapons, but everyone is asking, "What about explosive barrels, cluster bombs, and others...?" Aren't they also weapons of mass destruction? What about the siege on the isolated villages and towns, starving them with the intention of displacing their people on the basis of ethnic cleansing? What about the Assad prisons packed with tens of thousands of innocent people, and the hanging and death under torture that takes place daily in the cellars of those Nazi camps? Isn't it the same as the weapons of mass destruction???.
    The free world is demanded today before tomorrow to protect the people fighting for freedom, especially after a shameful absence of eight years.

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Guardians of the Cedars - Movement of Lebanese Nationalism Booklet

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on . Posted in A tribute to a great man and leader - Etienne Sakr

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These pages are dedicated to Abu Arz, the commander of the Guardians of the Cedars and one of the greatest Lebanese leaders in recent history.

No other leader believed in the greatness of Lebanon, its people and history the way Abu Arz did, and no other dared to tell the truth about the Lebanese war the way he did. His dream is as grand and as old as the name Lebanon, and his mission is as noble as the nation he dedicated his life for.

Father to Pascal, Carol and Arz, and commander to thousands of young Lebanese men and women, his ambition has always been to establish a generation that believe in the Lebanese identity of Lebanon and is prepared to fight for freedom, justice and truth.

His faith in Lebanon is only second to his faith in God. His vision for the future is revolutionary and radical. A courageous leader in times when Lebanon is ruled by dwarfs and puppets. A warrior for freedom, a campaigner for justice, and activist for human rights and speaker of truth.

Etienne Sakr, the Lebanese leader that would save Lebanon...

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Crimes and Massacres commited by the Palestinians & the Syrians against the Lebanese People
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The Black Page is prepared by Claude Hajjar as a permanent graphical record of atrocities committed by The Palestinians/Syrians against the Lebanese people.



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