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The milestones of the Guardians of the Cedars - Movement of Lebanese Nationalism

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Participating in all the national fighting fronts against the Palestinians, the Syrians, then the Iranians and their allies; and total refrain from taking part in any internal sectarian and denominational feud, knowing that our fighting cadres included Lebanese elements from all sects in conformity with the principle of Lebanese Nationalism that we adopted in our ideology.

Actively sharing in the liberation of Tal el-Zaatar, Jisr el-Basha, Nabaa and Carantina Palestinian military camps, thus providing a clean terrain from any foreign presence.

Actively participated in uniting arms under the banner of the "Lebanese Forces" in 1976. The Lebanese Forces came to light in the command headquarters of the Guardians of the Cedars.

Although the Lebanese Front approved it, the party rejected the decision to enter the Arab Deterrent Forces into the liberated eastern areas. Our rejection to this decision was declared in a news conference in which we called upon our fighters and party members to resort to the Aqura mountains. From there we started our new war headed by the party's leader (18-08-1979) against the Syrian forces who were acting under the cover of the Arab Deterrent Forces. The party considers the Syrians as the continuos and pressing danger on Lebanon.

1978, actively participated in driving out the Syrian army from the eastern area and liberating it once again from any foreign presence (the 100 day war).

1981, actively participated in defending the city of Zahle and preventing the Syrian army from sweeping it.

1982, the party approved the Safety of the Galilee operation which we considered an operation that could have liberated Lebanon from the hands of the Palestinians and the Syrians if the Gemayels, considering that the political decision of the Lebanese resistance was confiscated by them, worked well to make good out of it and signed the 17 May accord.

1985, active participation in halting the military march at the gates of Kfar-fallus, Jezzine, after the Palestinians, the extremists and their allies swept through eastern Sidon. The fierce defense of Jezzine made it the liberated substitute for the eastern areas.

1987, represented with its leader, the party participated in reviving the Lebanese Front, and in 1989 left the Front after it took the decision to walk in the path of Arab initiatives that were concluded with the Taef accord.

1989, the Wide Front for Liberation and Change was formed and took the headquarters of the party as its main command center. The front included a number of active intellectual, political and social figures and it strongly stood in support of Gen. Michael Aoun's government.

1990, The Lebanese Forces broke into the party's headquarters, looted its contents and detained the leader of the party who later took refuge in the Jezzine area.

1990, reviving the new Lebanese Front under the leadership of the late Danny Chamoun. The party participated with its representatives.

March 1990 up till May 2000, the party continued its struggle to liberate Lebanon from Jezzine.

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