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As a result of the languished Western policy towards the Syrian Revolution and prosperity of terrorist organizations... "ISIS" blow up the mosque of prophet Shayth and the shrine of Prophet Zarzis in Mosul

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Residents in the city of Mosul said that gunmen of "Islamic state" organization blew up the tomb of the Prophet Zarzis, located in the center of the city on Sunday evening (27 July 2014). This they have bombed in the earlier dawn on Friday (25 July 2014) the shrine of Prophet Shayth in Mosul, a day after the bombing of Prophet Yunis shrine, since their control of this city to the north of Iraq, on the 10th of last month, according to official sources and witnesses. Witnesses said that "militants of the Islamic state prevented people from approaching the shrine, and they placed explosives around and inside of it and they blew it up at the sight of everyone", in Mosul (350 km north of Baghdad). Prophet Shayth is the third son of Adam and Eve.

The recent period has witnessed the destruction of more than a dozen sacred places to the people of the region of tombs and ancient mosques.

The militants of the "Islamic state" has taken control of Mosul, in last June and imposed their strict interpretation to the city's residents

The organization attached the shrines of Sunnite and Shiite and churches for Christians alike and warned to continue the destruction of places of worship that violate their teachings.

The organization "Islamic state" announced on 29 June, "the Islamic Caliphate," and pledged allegiance to its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, "Caliph of Islam."

There were reports on Sunday (27 July 2014) on the implementation of executions of "ISIS" in Mosul on citizens whom they opposed the bombing campaign against the shrines and tombs.


To see the moment of the bombing of Prophet Shayth mosque in Mosul Click here

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