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One dead and 7 wounded in an explosion in Tripoli at night near a point of the army and seconds after the passage of the president of the "Association of Muslim Scholars"

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A bomb exploded at night yesterday in Tripoli, "Khanak" aspect, was placed under a Renault 18 car, resulted in the death of Issam El-Shaar and wouding seven others whom are Ibrahim Harouk, Mohamad Ouwayek, Talal El-Abed, Khaled El-Zein, Imad Sabouneh, Fatima Al-Shami and Mesbah Baltaji, were divided between Dar Al Shifa Hospital and Al-Mazloum Hospital in Tripoli, in addition to physical damage in the properties.

The explosion occured about thirty meters from the point of the army, but did not result in any injuries in it, the army made a security strap around the place and the police took over the investigation. The package was estimated of 10 kilograms weight of explosive materials and contains iron balls and screws and equipped with a timer.

As the president of "Association of Muslim Scholars" Sheikh Malek Jdeideh reported that the bomb exploded a few seconds after his passage from next to it, where he pursued the bridge intending to go to "Abi Samra" to visit Sheikh Salem Al-Rafii at Al-Shifa Hospital.

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